Short Bio

Mahmoud Mechehoul is a Software Development Engineer at, Inc. He graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science from Texas State University-San Marcos where he did research in a wide variety of fields that span eye tracking, biometrics, network reliability optimization and data mining. Mahmoud published 2 conference papers, 1 journal paper and 2 technical reports (Mahmoud's CV). In the past, he interned for a year at EnduraData, Inc where he built content distribution software. He then moved to Sofrecom Services Maroc (a telecommunications software provider) where he held a software engineering position. Mahmoud is also passionate about algorithms and programming contests. He is an active member of TopCoder. In the past, Mahmoud won several programming contests in his home country (Morocco). He also ranked 7th (1st among Moroccan teams) at the 2006 Arab & North Africa ACM Programming Contest. In his free time, Mahmoud plays racquet sports and takes nice pictures with his DSLR.